(O.)K. Flay

31 year old Kristin Flaherty just released a music video for the song “Blood In The Cut”, another song about a rela-tionship split, but this one stands out from the rest: It is a song about being broken in a very dark way.
by Daniel Barber

The new release of the music video for K. Flay’s “Blood In The Cut” offers a good reason to revisit the song that came out on the E.P. “Crush Me” on August 19th, 2016. The song explores some of the more dark and disturbing thoughts that can manifest following a traumatic event, and in this case, the self-reflection (or ra-

ther self-degradation) is seem-ingly induced by a bad breakup. In the song, the singer flirts with the concept of insanity and celebrates the twisted thoughts that can make heartbreaks so bittersweet.
  In this alternative take on love gone bad, K. Flay manages to distance herself from the mun-dane string of breakup songs that, despite being ever popular, never truly go anywhere. “Blood In The Cut” is about more than mere sadness: It is about depression, self-torture, forcing yourself to picture hurtful things and to read old messages, which is her “favourite way to die”. This lends meaningful sub-

stance to otherwise simplistic lyrics about a tangible and earthy subject where there are not many unexplored areas left allowing for originality. How-ever, what the subject of the song lacks in ambition, it makes up for in relatability among those having experienced a bad split, and feeling like they are being pushed over the edge.
All this is wrapped up in a sexy package of sound, and the song is ultimately a success. Musi-cally, it’s uncluttered, and the auditory dimension reflects the lyrical simplicity. The vocals in the piece are unique and superbly support the atmos-phere, whilst being enhanced

through good sound mixing. Although K. Flay is an artist that never conformed to any specific genre, you can discern rock, hip hop and indie inclinations, all at the same time. The music video's clever use of low key lighting, matte colours and unnerving film locations comb-ine to add an eerie visual vibe that perfectly accompanies the sombreness of the song. All in all, hearing the song, listening to the lyrics and watching the music video is a coherent experience, and a good one at that.

Anmeldelsen blev bragt på musikmagasinet Flick Of The Fingers hjemmeside.